Day 16- After a big weekend celebrating a milestone it was time to sweat it all out on Mt Welly. I was also running off the frustration of not being able to surf cyclone Pam, while receiving pics all day from mates of mine scoring hidden gems. I did a few fast paced circuits around the crater followed by a good down and up bash to the summit. 

Day 17- Mt Roskill

My day started at 3:45am with a mission down to Whangapoua to catch the remaining swell from cyclone Pam. It was an epic 3 hour session but I had to get back to Auckland to run a Kayaking skills session at Eastern Beach followed by a 12km run home from work. Unfortunately could not tack a summit on the way home as I had already done my local volcanoes to death so at 10pm I headed to Mt Roskill for a night run to be rewarded with stunning views of city lights and a green Sky Tower. 

This certainly was an epic day but if I want to achieve my goal sometimes extraordinary measures must be taken. I slept very well! 

I have mainly been focussing on my healthy dinners so here are some quick and easy ideas for healthy lunches to give a try.

We are past half way through MMM now and I have already lost 3kg and feeling 100% better about myself and my body. I have also really started to notice the extra life in my legs as I run uphill to the summits. 

Get amongst it! 


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