Part 1 of 2 of the Approach Journey. This gives an insight into the psyche of decision making during expeditions. Watching my five year dream slip away a little more every day was a painful experience, this is why decisions must be made with the heart and not the ego. Adventuring is a delicate dance of risk vs reward, but there is a line when glory can overshadow reason.This is not what Sea2Summit7 stands for, as It is the journey we take together that is the real glory….Please show your support for Men’s Mental Health Awareness in NZ by making a contribution at this link DONATE or text SEA to 2446 to make an instant $3 donation.Keep an eye out for part 2 coming soon. Thank you all and especially Mike Boston, Rich Henry, Bivouac Outdoor, Spark R&D, Yealands Family Wines, Radix Nutrition, The North Face, Suunto, CRUZ Roof Racks NZ, Physio Mechanics, Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand, Wild Guide, Boardertown and Maverick Technology Distributors​

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