We are off back into the mountains, as in 1 hour we will be flying into base camp. 

Please continue to follow the journey via our inreach link below


We will have limited coverage but will update when we can 🙂 we cannot see Facebook messages only text sent straight to our device via the link.

So stoked to be heading back into the mountains, please show your support by making a contribution to the Mental Health Foundation of NZ here 


Or text SEA to 2446 to instantly donate $3 to Mental Health

Take the path less traveled!!!!

One thought on “The journey continues…..

  1. Hi Guys, Fantastic what you are doing, both physically on your trek/climb, and for Mental Health which of course is having a burst of publicity in NZ at present so this trip’s timing is extra good. Your determination is a great example to many people. We just made today’s anonymous donation on the website, in part for the cause, in part to say to you “Good luck and Go Well on the ascent”, and in part for our Ben. Cheers, Jill and Bryce Whither.

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