Day 3: friendly locals

Location: random creepy junk yard with a phone booth Distance: 41km Time walking: 12 hours What I learnt: to not be so cynical about the kindness of strangers, and Aussies aren’t actually that bad (except if you own a rodeo) Thought of the day: meeting people and sharing stories is what helps makes an adventure… Read More

Day 2: Flies!

Location: farmland 10km past Buchan Distance: 45km Time: 9-8pm Thought of the day: A small part of Hitler has reincarnated into every fly What I learnt: Do not hang out at abandoned Rodeo’s Thankyous: – lady at Buchan takeaways for opening her kitchen for us and being a general legend – s2s7 sponsors Bivouac Outdoors… Read More

Day 1! The adventure begins

Location: Nowa Nowa Distance: 21km Time: 4 1/2 hours Thought of the day: This may be harder than I originally thought! Song of the day: Roar, Katie Perry (heard it in the supermarket and couldn’t get it out of my head!) Thankyou’s: – Bivouac outdoors – Ally and Sarah – Ryan P – Big guy… Read More