Day 13 was a bloody tough one! I almost totally circumnavigated Ponui Island then paddle out to the lonely Taraheki (shag) Island. This involved a bush bash to the summit to be rewarded with stunning views of Waiheke, the Coromandel and a faded little barrier.

In total I paddled 36km plus the bash to the summit so was well ready for bed.

Day 14 involved another 24km of Kayaking and the miniature but still counts (barely) summit of the Red Rock Island before making my way back to the mainland to get ready to celebrate the milestone of turning 30 tonight. I will then spend tomorrow catching up on life and planning the week of summits ahead.

what a great few days of adventure on the water, this mission has so many different angles to take and I am loving just getting out there!

Time to let my man bun down and relax


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