Point view re-do. Today I am 30 years young! So I went on a birthday run with a friend who also turned 60 today. Last week I was too sick to enjoy this amazing view of the city to the west and thousands of acres of farm to the east, with about 6kn of tracks through bush reserve. 

  After the run I had a birthday Asado Bbq with some friends and family. Couldn’t have had a better day.

Day 12- Ponui Island! With a cyclone on the forecast I thought it would be a great idea to go on a three day kayak adventure circumnavigating Ponui Island. Two hours after arriving to camp I was standing on the western summit looking towards Waiheke, the city and crystal green water like the tropics. Now I am huddled under a tarp shelter (my accomodation) enjoying the view before I go to catch some dinner 🙂 

 #happyplace #sea2summit

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