Location: Indeegoodbee trail

Distance: 41km, 150km mark

Time: 8am to 7:30pm

Thought of the day: Pain…meh

What I learnt: it’s incredible how psychologically we were boosted from leaving the road and getting into the bush trails. Bush is better than most things 🙂

– bivouac outdoors
– the bird lady for giving us shelter for lunch
– Movember
– the Pellet and Williams family
– farmers who owned the hut
– the big guy

Today was the biggest test for us so far. The rain was really coming in and we were soaked by late morning. Ryan’s ankle has swollen up like a balloon and is continuing to be an extra challenge. We found some shelter with a lovely lady in a town we called soggy bottom (suggan boogan) who fed native birds so we were surrounded by a cocktail of birds and colours during our rest.
We new that we had to do at least another 17km before dark to stay on track to make the summit. After talking to some locals we learnt of a small private hut 20km into the bush, we new if we wanted to get dry and warm and stay on target we needed to get to this hut tonight for shelter as 70mm of rain was forecast over the next 24 hours.
After a huge push up to high ridge through amazing bush we finally reached our hut just on dark. This track is incredible, steep and harsh but with that rugged charm of south east Australia. Being in the wilderness away from society is both refreshing and cumbersome as we were now completely on our own with no cell service or houses for 67km. Psychologically this was huge for us as we new we would get a good night sleep out of the tent and start tomorrow fresh and dry and well rested. It was so good to experience a few of life’s comforts again and we actually stayed up yarning for the first night so far.
The most challenging and rewarding day yet!



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