Location: random creepy junk yard with a phone booth

Distance: 41km

Time walking: 12 hours

What I learnt: to not be so cynical about the kindness of strangers, and Aussies aren’t actually that bad (except if you own a rodeo)

Thought of the day: meeting people and sharing stories is what helps makes an adventure more memorable. Experiences are better when shared.

– friendly people
– god
– bivouac outdoors
– Movember

We set off motivated to put another big dent in our journey and were feeling surprisingly good considering our previous marathon 45km day. We needed water stat and the farm run off creeks we’re not going to cut it, so our only other option was to ask random houses along the way for water. This tactic resulted in warm cups of tea, the worlds best oranges, pumpkin soup, toasted sandwiches and a few good yarns. We met one joker who we affectionately named ‘old mate’ who new how to spin a few, and we saw some incredible wild life photography of the Kimberly’s while enjoying a nice hot cuppa and reprieve from the rain.
We pushed on a further 5km and decided an orchard would be a great place for our next water station. We were instructed to try the world famous W Tree oranges, and because we didn’t want to be rude we gorged ourselves on the best citrus fruit I have ever had. Next visit came at 27km at camp Karoonda where we thought the best way to have a rest and escape the elements was to pop inside for a bit and say hello. This resulted in an ultimate $5 combo consisting of milo, biscuits, soup, ham and cheese toastie, and a raspberry and white chocolate muffin, winning!
All fuelled up, getting to camp was now the top priority and we set off on our 14km push before it got too late. We found a great/creepy place to camp for the night at an old junk yard with a coin phone booth just before the junction we were aiming for. With no service and heading further into the wapwaps I managed to call Ally on the coin phone to say we are ok and spread the word.

Side note: If you have not read a Barry Crump book yet, I suggest you do.


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