Here is a brief run down of our plan during the approach section of the sea to summit. This section will get us from the road end to Denali Base camp.

Approach time: 7-10 day

Starting: Tuesday 25th April

Distance: 84km 

Method of travel: Touring on Ski’s and a split snowboard towing a sled each with extra gear

Travel time: start around 2am and finish around 11am each day local time (20hrs behind NZ)

Broken down…..

Days 1-3 will be spent getting from the road end to get to Petersville ‘town’ (population of 4) 

Days 4-6 will be spent travelling from Petersville along a snow mobile track to the foot of the Kahiltna Glacier. From there we go off the track and do a creek crossing to reach the glacier. 

Days 7-10 will be spent travelling up the glacier to get to base camp. For this section we will be roped up and navigating through crevasse territory.

This map shows a summary of the route 

The red line is the Approach section and the yellow is the climb. 

For the climb that will take 12-16 days we will be going up the West Buttress which is indicated by the red line below 

You can follow this map interactively and send us messages along the way using our satellite inreach device by following this link

For now we bid you adieu…. but I have one final request if you have been following this journey. Please make a donation to the Mental Health foundation by following this link and send us a message with your donation to help spur us on! Much appreciated- Donate here

Take the path less travelled 

Dave & Mike

One thought on “The Approach phase and our plan

  1. We met as strangers along the highway. We were
    wondering WHY you were running AND climbing
    Denali…I looked up Sea2Summit7 & was inspired!
    Now I tell everyone, we’ve met some FAMOUS Folks
    who are climbing Denali!!! Next time y’all pass by,
    know yer Friends-on-the-Move…not strangers &
    stop on in & say HI 😀
    Mush ON!!! 😜
    God Bless 🙏🏻

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