Day #14- To the top of Europe! Part 2 of 2- The final story

Breathing is something that you take for granted until it becomes difficult. Functions like breathing, walking and sleeping we do autonomously and it is only when you are struggling to do the first two and yearning for the later that you start to value the simpler perceived functions of our body. How different would your… Read More

Day #6- Mt Elbrus sea to summit is back on track and in spectacular fashion PART 1 OF 2

Location: Narkra river to the border Distance: 28km, 2,500m climb Time: 9 hours Thought of the day: The higher the mountain the closer to god Thank you: – Georgian military – Zarinacoff and Richicoff – The Rosehill crew and partners – Cruz adventure roof racks- rack city – God There is far too much to… Read More