Location- Willow, Alaska

Distance- 84km, running time 8hrs 1min

Song of the day- Right here, right now- Chemical Brothers

Thought of the day- Having some fun! 

Thankyou’s- The local people of Willow and Houston, Rich and Mike

Today I was minding my own business, cruising slowly down the road when a red pick up truck pulls over 50m in front of me and start waving signs saying ‘Go Dave Go’ and ‘Run Dave’ they were two local folks who got talking to Rich and Mike when they were filling up with gas. 

About 2km down the road another lady was waiting with signs outside her coffee shop cheering me on! Obviously the Moose wireless travels quickly as it seemed as though every few kms someone was ready for a chat and a photo. 

Even though my body was sore from yesterday I generally had an awesome time today being humbled by the kindness of strangers and enjoying the time with my mates. 

I know we are taught to stay away from strangers and this may be wise but there is one thing that I am constantly reminded on these journeys and that is that far more often than not, people are good! In fact there has been countless moments during expeditions where I have been broken and on the verge of quitting and it has been strangers who have lifted me back up. 

 Now I am not saying to run around the world knocking on people’s doors but if we follow our common sense along a path less traveled you may just make some life long friends and get a kick ass story or two. 

Tomorrow I set off on what will be my 70th marathon and start heading towards the turn off to the road towards the Kahiltna Glacier! 

See you tomorrow 🙂

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