Today I write to you from the unlikely location of the Venice Beach Library where I sit with Mike, going over our Expedition plans with a fine tooth comb.

This post is dedicated to some select individuals who have helped me immensely in the preparation of this expedition.

My colleague Scott Martin gave up countless early morning hours to teach me how to throw tin around in order for me to keep my weight up and gain valuable strength needed for the expedition. Another colleague Jonny would also contribute by dragging me out of bed at 5am for our morning 10-12k’ers at a really solid pace for an ‘experienced’ runner!

To Abby and Fabian from Physio Mechanics who actually repaired my shattered ankle to the point I can actually do everything I could before the accident. It has been a long hard road but I was never alone in my rehab.

My nutritionist Mikki Williden voluntarily has donated her time and resources to put me on a dietary plan that has seen me only loose 2kg while running over 100km a week. This has enabled my body to use fat as an effective and efficient energy source for this expedition. Mikki also pointed me in the direction of the team at Radix Nutrition who have become Sea2summit7’s latest partners and have custom designed nutritional real food, high calorie freeze dried expedition meals to keep me chugging all the way from the sea to the summit. 

Botany Downs Secondary College who have whole heartedly been behind this journey and has supported me by not just giving me the time away from school, but also by believing in what this is all about.

My flatmate Scott also deserves a shout as he changed his eating habits to suit mine and joined me on countless loops of the panmure basin rain or shine. My partner Lynn deserves a special mention as this incredible women has been my chef, training partner, researcher, administrator, taxi, frustration vent, masseuse and my friend. Not to mention having to put up with my cranky training moods! 

To the dirty hairy hunter sitting next to me, Mike from Wild Guide. Thanks for not just believing in my crazy journey but embracing it and making it ours. I wouldn’t sitting in this beautiful library if it wasn’t for you mate, so let’s go freeze our ass off for five weeks!

There are so many more people who have made a huge difference and I would love to mention you all, but the final word goes to anyone who is battling with their Mental Heath. This adventure is all for you, never give up, take it one step at a time, ask for help and enjoy the small things.

Take the path less travelled! It feels so good to be back chaaahooo


5 thoughts on “The day has finally come..Alaska

  1. Best wishes for another epic trip. We read all your posts and admire so much what you are doing and why.
    Good luck, Jill and Bryce Whitcher

    1. Hi Jill and Bryce,
      Thank you for your message! This really means a lot. I will continue to do my best to spread this message 🙂 I also admire your strength.

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