I can’t believe there is only one month till sea2summit7 #5! Mt Denali

Doing gear checks and maintainence always gets the butterflies going! This mountain is a huge step up equipment wise than any previous journey so it is imperative that everything this is I perfect working order with at least one back up. It can literally mean the difference between life or death, joy or misery, pleasure or pain and success or failure. 

After the ankle injury is sustained while running two weeks ago, I have been furiously rehabing it with the support from the team at Physio Mechanics in Takanini, who have gone out of there way to get me the treatments and specialist appointments I have needed. In short there is some issues with a ligament at the top of my foot so I had an MRI done just to make sure there is no fracture. I get the report on Tuesday so fingers crossed and prayers that it shows up sweet as!  

As I look down at all my gear from my new deck in Raglan (cheers Cole) I realise how incredibly thankful I am that Bivouac has supplied me with the thousands of dollars worth of gear that has got me this far. There is no way this all would have been possible without these legends. If you need any outdoor gear please go and see the specialists to get the gear you actually need at a great price. The difference is that the gear is all top quality outdoor brands and the staff are 

outdoor enthusiasts who do not just work when a 50% sale is on. 

The countdown has now begun so stay tuned, get excited, go for a run (because I cannot) and take the path less traveled!!

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