To date Yealand’s Estate Wine have contributed over $12,000 to sea2summit7. This has paid for flights, rental cars, mountain passes, accommodation and countless other logistical expenses. Before Yealand’s got involved i was completely broke after spending all my money on the first three campaigns and thought that this dream had come to an end. The raise a glass campaign reignited the fire of sea2summit7 and the first ever sea to summit ascent of Mt Elbrus was completed. Now after a further donation to the Spark my Potential campaign I am back in South America for my second attempt at Mt Aconcagua from the coast.

One of the special things about Yealand’s is that they have never asked any thing from me in return, at all!!! In fact the staff are constantly sending me personal messages of support and I feel honored to be a part of the Yealand’s whanau. A special mention must go to Peter, Angela, Jason and the marketing crew for believing in me and the reasons of why I am doing this challenge.

So next time you sit down with a wine to read my latest update, please make sure it is a Yealands 😉 I personally love the Pinot Noir with dinner after a good run, it makes the food taste way better!

Davephoto 5

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