I will say goodbye to the En Zed summer on the 28th of December to go and battle -30 degrees on a mountain in Argentina known as Mt Aconcagua or ‘the roof of the Americas-cas-cas-cas’ (imagine a deep fading voice for effect)

To prepare my body and mind over the past couple of months I have run a few of the Total Sport trail ultra marathons and marathons. They have proudly supported me in my quest to achieve my training goals and I can honestly say without the help from Nick and Aaron I would have struggled to find the motivation to once again prepare myself so soon after Russia.

With school winding down I will have a couple of weeks to invent some epically difficult training adventures to ensure I head to South America primed to finally knock this bastard off. Thanks to Bivouac Outdoors I have all my gear ready to go see what I can hang off!

Follow the next four weeks to get an insight into what goes into the preparation of a Sea2summit7 adventure.


Another huge shoutout to Yealands Family Wines (Sustainable business of the year), SPARK and everyone else who has contributed to this upcoming adventure!
Get amoungst it!



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