Location: Nowa Nowa

Distance: 21km

Time: 4 1/2 hours

Thought of the day: This may be harder than I originally thought!

Song of the day: Roar, Katie Perry (heard it in the supermarket and couldn’t get it out of my head!)

– Bivouac outdoors
– Ally and Sarah
– Ryan P
– Big guy

After 18 hours of travel and about an hours sleep, Ryan and I finally arrived at The Lakes Entrance at 6:30pm. We dipped our toes in the Bass Straight and started our epic journey. After an up and down walk along the road we reached some beautiful bush only for it to become dark. 21km later and three identified deceased Kangaroos we reached our destination around 11pm. It was straight to the business of food, wash, sleep, so we could start the day fresh as 45km awaits us 🙂
I believe it is now bed time. Ka Kete


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