20131018-121823.jpg I have arrived back in Perth and have under a month to get everything organised for my third sea to summit adventure. The final mission before I return home is Mt Kosciuszko, which will take me from the coastal town of Lakes Entrance in Victoria through the bush into NSW and into Mt Kosciuszko national park. I am ecstatic to announce that my “manager” and good friend Ryan Pellett will be joining me on this next adventure. This means we will be able to document the whole journey and share this experience.

20131018-123102.jpg I have now been in Perth for five days and have been staying with friends Naomi and Hayden down the coast in south Mandurah. It had been 11 weeks since my last surf so naturally I have been frothing for the past four days surfing uncrowded two to three foot Avalon point. I can’t explain how incredible it has been getting back out there, its food for the soul. Next week I am back to relief work at some local schools to gather a bit of money together as my bank account has been severely wounded.

It is a strange feeling being back to reality where prices for things are displayed, there is a rule or law for everything and strangers ignore each other. Although it is nice to be able to find exactly what I want, when I want it. This is an exiting time for sea to summit as there are many articles and publications coming out about Mt Kili and future exploits which I will keep the media page updated with the latest. Please feel free to share the stories and links as we are still a way off the $10,000 goal. I am happy to announce we have now raised over $2000 for the male mental health foundation, so thank you to all those who have contributed towards this.

Thank you’s (it’s been a while)
– Nana for her generous donations and being a legend
– Grandad for his donation, support, and still rock’n rolling in his 80’s
– Auntie Bev for being my number 1 fan and supporting this cause
– My incredible sponsors Bivouac Outdoors
– Carly for sorting out my new kicks
– Movember, its coming up people! Get involved!

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