Sadly it was time for me to finish my volunteering in Iringa and move on to our next destination, Zanzibar Island. Even though I was only in Iringa for a month I was finally settled in a place again so I found it very hard to leave, but the bigger picture helped me pack my bags and say my goodbyes. In my short time there I once again had a routine and new friends, which is something I have not had for a while now. There is still so much work to be done and many valuable causes to support, so I have made a decision that I do not have to physically be there to continue help. Please contact me if you are wanting to help the community of Iringa or are thinking of doing some volunteering in Tanzania and I will help steer you in the right direction. I never dreamed I would say this but it was the first land locked place without snow I have considered settling in.


Now I am relaxing on Zanzibar Island off the east coast of Tanzania. It really feels like a completely different country over here, it is almost like I fell asleep on the ferry and we kept going to the middle east. But the beaches, rain and lack of red dust are a welcomed change for me. Tomorrow Ally and I head to the beaches up north for some well deserved r and r with maybe a hint of partying. I believe scooters, snorkelling, sunburn, reading, beer and dancing will best describe the next 3 days.


20131004-223553.jpg In five weeks time I start my next big sea to summit adventure of Mt Kosciuszko in NSW Australia. This will be a 212km journey where i will start from the southern coast of Victoria and cross into NSW to get to the summit of 2,228m. In a weeks time I will be back in Perth to train for just under a month as the chapatti and white rice have started to take their toll on me. I am yet to determine my approach to this summit as more than 50% will be off road and in the bush, so part of me wants to take my time and enjoy the surroundings, then the other part of me wants to attempt a non stop 212km ultra marathon. I have decided I will train for the later and let my heart decide closer to the time.
I am sad my time in Africa is drawing to a close but I can’t wait to get started on my next challenge.
“life is either a daring adventure, or nothing at all” Hellen Keller

5 thoughts on “Finishing volunteering and gazing towards the next sea to summit

  1. We have followed your truly inspirational journey from start to finish. Hope to see you at tramp club when your back in Perth. Lynette & Tamara 😄

      1. Walk not done yet. In Napier at Tramp Nationals, back in Perth 14th, then have 200km Conquer cancer ride! then the big walk end Oct. 😄

  2. hi dude – was an enjoyable flight meeting you and just talking sport and mountain stuff … will definitely follow your travels going forward … enjoy!!!

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